Making your Casino deposit with POLi

POLi is regarded as a leading real-time online debit payment system which can be used to buy and even sell with confidence. It is also widely spread among online casinos as a payment method. POLi is simple and quick, and it makes every casino player’s life easier. When you use your POLi account there is no chance of mistaking the numbers because it all happens automatically. You don’t have to provide credit card details when using POLi to make a deposit.

How Does POLi Work?

POLi is a method that allows you to use the internet to make a banking transaction, which means you don’t have to physically go to your local bank to wait in line on the desk to make the payment. Save that precious time to play your favorite casino games by depositing via POLi. You can use POLi on any device such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Just select POLi to make a deposit, log in to your bank and select preferred account and confirm your payment. You can pay from a variety of banks using POLi. The list of banks is available at the official website of the service and you can find banks such as Citibank, Bank of New Zealand, Commonwealth Bank, Bank of Melbourne etc.

What are the Benefits of Using POLi?

The biggest benefit of using POLi is that you can keep your credit card details safe and unexposed to third parties such as online casinos. Online casinos are practically very safe because they use lots of security measures, but if you still don’t feel confident about entering your card details in your casino account, deposit methods like POLi are excellent.

You just have to connect to your bank without any registration. Plus, you don’t get charged for the transactions you make using POLi. Not any of your sensitive information in your POLi account will be disclosed to third parties, and all you need is to have an internet bank account. To have that, you have to check with your bank if such an option is available. Additionally, all deposits made with POLi receive immediate confirmation, you are not required to come with extra passwords to use POLi. Plus when you make a deposit POLi automatically fills your payment details so that you can make an express deposit in your casino.

How Secure are Transactions?

The number one priority of a big and reputable service such as POLi is to provide security. As a result, POLi will not store or cache your username and password that you will use to log in to your internet bank account, and no one can access your login credentials during a transaction. Plus, the POLi team regularly performs security inspections for known bugs and employs new software. All transactions are secured with 20480-bit SSL certificates, which is equal or even better than the security measures of some banks. In addition, your transaction will be secured by the casino itself, because casinos use SSL certificates as well. With these certificates all transactions are encrypted and safe from hackers.

Are There Any Fees?

What makes POLi an excellent payment method is that it does not impose any transaction fees when making a deposit into your casino account. Or even when making a withdrawal. If there are any fees associated with POLi it’s on the side of the online casino. Some online casinos impose fees to all of their deposit methods including POLi. But, in general, POLi doesn’t charge its customers with fees for their transactions.