Making your Casino deposit with Instadebit

Instadebit, or recently known as iDebit, is a service that helps casino players connect their internet bank accounts with their casino accounts. This can be done with any other merchant and not just online casinos. With Instadebit a casino player deposits money directly from his bank account into his casino account without the need to visit his bank and ask the bank teller to send money to a specific account. With this option it’s all done via the internet from your home or on your smartphone. It enables secure and real-time payments without the need of using a credit card. Instadebit can be found at many online casinos and with it players get bank-level security and instant access to their bank accounts.

How it Works?

Using Instadebit is very simple and easy, which is why the service is very popular among players. When you are in the cashier section of your favorite online casino, search for the Instadebit option. By clicking on it you will be asked to enter your Instadebit username and password provided that you have previously opened an Instadebit account. Then just approve the payment and you money will appear in your casino account in a couple of seconds. Instadebit acts like a bridge between your bank account the online casino or other merchants and securely transmits funds so that you don’t have to go to your local bank and authorize such a transaction.

Want to Use Instadebit But Don’t Have an Account?

You can always sign up for an Instadebit account at the official website. Signing up is free of charge. You can do that on checkout when trying to make a deposit in your casino account. The great thing is that there is no approval process when you try to open an Instadebit account, so the moment you have completed the registration process, you get to use your account immediately. You can even use Instadebit as a guest and avoid the sign up process.

Why Choose Instadebit?

The most obvious benefit is making a deposit directly from your bank account without the need to use your credit card or enter bank details. Instadebit does that for you in a secure manner without sharing sensitive information with the online casino. You only need to have an account in a bank that offers online banking.

Instadebit does not have hidden fees. All transactions are free and even if there are fees they are charged by the online casino and not Instadebit. In addition, you can use this method to make a deposit via your smartphone or tablet so that you can put money in your casino account wherever you are. Some online casinos even offer an additional deposit method bonus for players that use Instadebit for funding their casino accounts.

Is Instadebit Secure?

One of the biggest priorities of payment services such as Instadebit is security. You can rest assured that all necessary security precautions are taken so that you can make worry-free deposits and withdrawals to and from your casino account. All deposits are made in a trusted online banking environment with technology that keeps your money safe.

No bank details or private data is shared with online casinos nor is stored, and risk assessments are performed regularly so that your payment is protected and your identity is confirmed. Leading security certification firms monitor and verify all transactions and all personal information is transmitted securely using 128-bit encryption technology.