Neteller Casino Deposit

In 2006, Neteller was forced out of the US online gambling market after the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which ruled iGaming illegal. However, in recent years some US states such as New Jersey have started to open up to online gambling and welcome back payment processors. In March 2014, Optimal Payments Plc, the company that runs Neteller, returned to America and it is one of the available payment methods for online gamblers in Nevada and New Jersey. These players can easily use the Neteller service as well as the Net+ Card as a banking method at US online casinos.

How does Neteller work?

Neteller is a classic e-Wallet. You can either fund Neteller with your bank account or with a credit card. Many online casinos give you the option to use instant transfers with Neteller. This means that you will not have to wait for the money to be transferred from you bank to your Neteller account. If instant transfer is not offered then you will have to wait for the funds to actually be deposited into your Neteller account before you can use Neteller to make a deposit. This process usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Once the funds are in your Neteller account you will be able to use them to purchase coins at a US casino. You may also transfer funds to other Neteller users, and they can transfer funds to you. You can instantly fund your Neteller account with a credit card if you do not want to wait for a bank transfer.

Are there any fees to pay with Neteller?

No, at least not for casino players from the USA. If you deposit $100 at a US online casino, exactly $100 will be in your account if you use Neteller to make the deposit. Of course, there will be transaction fees. At the end of the day, Neteller wants to earn some money as well. However, these fees are paid by the online casino and not by the player. At least at reliable casinos that cater to American players, this is the case. Thus, as a player’s Neteller deposit is absolutely free.

How secure is it to deposit with Neteller at US casinos?

Neteller deposits are very secure. The only thing you should worry about is your password. You should not share it with the entire world, on the contrary you should keep it a secret. You should never share your password and Neteller id with anyone.

Neteller enables you to fund your online casino account without having to disclose your personal bank account or credit card information to the US casino. It also enables you to receive cashouts from the casino very quickly. If you have linked your Neteller account to your bank account then you will easily be able to transfer funds back to your bank account as well.

How can I deposit into my Neteller account?

You can fund your Neteller account with all common credit cards and also through bank transfer. You can also organize a direct debiting. Most players from the US do not set up direct debiting because they want to control the amount of money they are losing.

Is Neteller free for US players?

It is free to set up a Neteller account. Most New Jersey online casinos handle all of the fees involved with Neteller so players don’t have to pay for the processing of the transaction. However, Neteller itself charges certain types of fees. They are all listed under the Fees category on the website. For example, it pays a $30 administration fee to inactive accounts. Also, transactions from Skrill to Neteller have a 1.9% fee.

What are the advantages of using Neteller?

Neteller is very easy to use, and you never have to disclose your bank account or credit card information to the online casino. Another advantage to using Neteller is the cashout process. If you deposit at a US casino with Neteller, then you will be able to cash out your winnings to your Neteller account. Cashouts via e-wallets are usually processed very quickly. Once the funds are deposited into your Neteller account you will be able to quickly send them directly to your bank account. This is a very quick process and you will get your winnings in a speedy manner.

Which alternatives to Neteller exist for US casino players?

There are many e-wallets on the market. However, of the e-wallets that do exist, not all of them are accepted at US online casinos due to the country’s laws about online gambling. However, US players do have good alternatives to use. For example, they can use major credit and debit cards such as American Express, Visa or MasterCard. Making payments via them is very simple and easy.

Neteller Acquired Skrill in late March 2015

Optimal Payments, the company behind Neteller, announced at the end of March this year that it acquired Skrill, their biggest competitors, for €1.1 billion ($1.2 billion). The merger deal between these high quality payment services is finalized, but how money transactions are going to be processed in future will only be known next year. It appears they will stay the same but with an added bonus- Skill users can make transactions to Neteller and vice versa. The fee that customers will incur is 1.9% of the transaction.