Casino Deposit with Ukash

Update 2015

Ukash was acquired by Paysafecard. Read on here.

The evoucher payment system was in fact bought out by Skrill, a third party payment service that owns Paysafecard. As of August 31, 2015 Ukash vauchers were no longer for sale. If you had purchased a Ukash voucher before this date, you should know by now that it was valid only until October 31,2015. Canadians that had owned Ukash were notified by e-mail about the change and were given instructions about changing to Paysafecard.

While it does make sense for two popualr evouchers to merge into one, having less competion in the market is never a good thing. Neverthless, both Paysafecard and Ukash have some of the loweest limits on deposits at Canadian online casnos with some gaming destantions accepting deposits as low as one Canadian dollar.

Ukash is another prepaid card and works just like Paysafecard. You can buy Ukash vouchers at supermarkets, gas stations or even online. So you practically transform cash into a voucher and you can use it to deposit at online casinos later. That’s very simple and effective and Ukash is available at lots of different online casinos for players around the globe. So you can just pick a casino that accepts Ukash, make a deposit, and begin playing right away.

You will need to purchase a Ukash voucher prior to making a deposit with Ukash. You can purchase a Ukash voucher in a variety of places. All Agip or OMV gas stations carry Ukash cards, and everywhere you can see the epay logo will also have the cards available. Some supermarkets also carry the Ukash cards. We suggest that you take a look at Ukash website to find a location near you to purchase a Ukash voucher.

Where can you make a deposit using Ukash?

Similar to Paysafecard, Ukash is accepted at almost every online casino. In some countries Ukash is widely spread and very popular. It’s used for online shops and offline stores as well as online casinos. When you take a look at some European countries like Germany you will see that Paysafecard is more popular but internationally it is Ukash. There are lots of casinos that support Ukash, but we highly suggest CasinoClub. This is one of the largest and oldest online casinos and especially a great choice for roulette and slot players. CasinoClub offers lots of different deposit options and Ukash is one of them. There are also other great casinos like 888 CasinoSpinPalace or PartyCasino where you can deposit with Ukash.

How does Ukash work?

Take a look at this image:

This pretty much explains exactly how Ukash works, and it’s nothing else than a voucher. You buy a voucher and you can exchange that voucher for products or credits in your casino account. It’s simply that easy. You can also use it to shop at online stores. This way you can turn cold hard cash into virtual money. So you need no credit card, no e-wallet and no bank transfer. Ukash is also anonymous and hides your identity. This is one of the most attractive aspects for many people. We have all head horror stories of identity theft. Using a Ukash voucher can help protect you from identity theft. So all you need is some cash and a gas station where you buy your Ukash voucher and you can start playing at online casinos immediately.

Ukash Safety and Security

Ukash is one of the safest methods for depositing at online casinos. You purchase the Ukash voucher with cash so there is never anything that links that Ukash voucher to you personally. You will never have to worry about anyone stealing your credit card or banking account information when you use Ukash to deposit at an online casino. Ukash vouchers are widely available at retail stores around the world.