Instant Wire Transfer: Casino Deposit with instant banking

Those who don’t want to deal with e-wallets and credit cards can still deposit at online casinos by using bank transfers. Bank wires have been around since the early days of banking and almost everyone that has ever had a bank account is familiar with bank wires. The difference with making a bank wire online is that you don’t actually have to go to the bank to initiate the wire transfer. It can all be done right on your computer screen with just a few clicks of your mouse.

If you want to begin playing casino games right away, you will want to choose the instant bank transfer option. It will take a couple of days for the funds to be transferred using regular bank transfer, but with instant transfer the casino credits your account instantly. The funds will be taken from your bank account a few days later, but you don’t have to wait for that to happen before you can begin playing.

Our recommended online casino for bank transfers in 888 Casino. You can choose to either use regular bank transfer or instant bank transfer at 888 Casino. The process is very easy to initiate and complete.

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Instant Wire Transfer Providers and supported countries

The following table offers a comparison of instant wire transfer providers and shows their supported countries. These are the providers that also work with online casinos. Some of them are focuses primarily on smaller markets which makes it harder to find the right provider for your needs.

There are three providers that are exclusively working with one country:

  • GiroPay: Only available in Germany
  • iDebit: Only available in Canada
  • iDeal: Only available in the Netherlands

Bank Transfer or Instant Transfer?

Many players have asked us which bank transfer option they should choose. The answer to this question really depends upon the player. Once a regular bank transfer is initiated it takes a few days before the money actually appears in the casino account. So, you would not have the money instantly to play with. You may want to initiate the transfer a few days before you want to play. If you are planning to play casino games on the weekend then you will probably want to initiate the bank transfer on Tuesday or Wednesday to insure the funds will be in your account.

On the other hand, once you request an Instant Transfer the money is immediately in your casino account. Some casinos charge a small fee for this service, but some do not. It just depends on the casino. The advantage of this method is, of course, the fact that you will be able to play real money casino games instantly. The money will be withdrawn from your bank account a few days later.

You will be able to complete either a regular bank transfer or an instant bank transfer directly in the casino cashier area. You will just need to enter your bank account number and routing number. You will probably be asked to provide documents to verify your identification before you will be able to initiate a bank transfer. The casino will usually request a picture ID and a current utility bill. This is to ensure that the person trying to make a deposit is the actual owner of the bank account.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers and Instant Transfers are very safe ways to fund your online casino account. Almost everyone has a bank account. You will simply need to enter your bank account information to deposit funds via your bank account. Deposits via bank transfers are very secure. You will not have to worry about the safety and security of your information. The casinos that we recommend use the best encryption software available. This means that your bank account information will be encrypted so that no third party will ever be able to steal your bank account information.

Another advantage of depositing at a casino using a bank transfer is that once you have made a deposit using this method you will also be able to withdraw funds from your casino account with this method. Cashout requests via bank transfer are usually processed within a few days, and the money is in your bank account within a week or less. If you were to request a check from the casino, it can sometimes take up to a month to receive your cashout.

The advantages of depositing at an online casino with bank transfers and instant transfers definitely outnumber the disadvantages. There are very few disadvantages that I can think of. One disadvantage is the time you have to wait when depositing via a regular bank transfer, but this can instantly be corrected by using Instant Transfer. Another disadvantage to some players would be entering their bank account information. Some players do not like to disclose this information to online casinos. If you are uncomfortable entering your bank account information at an online casino, then we highly suggest you choose an e-wallet such as PayPal or Click&Buy.

Can Bank Wire Be Used On the Go?

There are some mobile casinos that offer wire transfer or instant bank transfer as a banking method to mobile players. To check whether a casino offers this method, visit the cashier or the Banking page. If it does, follow the same instructions as mentioned above and make a deposit.

Online casinos that accept Bank Account deposits

It used to be standard to get IBAN and bank details for a casino deposit and then make a bank transfer. This was a big effort for the casino and you had to wait a few days until the transfer arrived in your account. Nowadays hardly anyone wants to make such a deposit, especially considering how many good alternatives there are.

There are still a few casinos that simply accept such a transfer, so to speak as a prepayment. However, it is best if you simply use an instant bank service. You simply log into your bank account and make the payment. The money is immediately credited to the casino and the casino has no more effort. However, it depends on your country, because your bank must first support this service and legally also be able to make payments to online casinos.

An online casino for slots and wire transfer

Such a casino must fully meet both requirements. On the one hand, it must offer a wide range of slots. This raises the question of which software you should bet on. A good casino offers many different manufacturers like Netent, PlayN Go, Microgaming, Betsoft, Yggdrasil, Pragmatic, Playtech etc.. If this is clarified, you only need a casino that also allows an instant wire transfer at the same time and these are at least in Europe the most. Examples are 888, LeoVegas, Slotsmillion or VideoSlots.

Payout in comparison to an eWallet such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller

The casino basically always wants you to cash out using the method you used with your deposit. So if you have an Instant Wire, the casino will also want to withdraw to the bank account from which the money came. You can’t usually just go and say “hey, please pay my buddy, I still owe him”.

But that’s the same with eWallets like Skrill, Neteller or Paypal. There you can’t simply pay out to another account or even with another payment method. In this respect, the difference is not really there. You should always make it clear that the payout must also come to the same account.

FAQ about Instant Wire Transfers

How does an instant wire transfer work?

An instant wire transfer is extremely simple and anyone who has already used online banking will have no problems with it. Because online banking works basically the same, except that you don’t log in directly to your bank but via an interface. This is provided by various providers such as Klarna, GiroPay, Sofort and others. All you have to do is select this payment method in a casino, locate your bank (easiest via the bank code) and then log in with your account details. The service basically only checks the funds in the background and credits the casino immediately. Very simple and immediate.

What are the advantages of an Instant Wire Transfer?

This form of payment is very easy to use and is also supported by most banks. If you have ever made an online banking transaction, you won’t have any trouble with it. The advantage is that this payment method is supported by most banks. There are different services available in different countries. The availability also depends on that. The biggest advantage is that these transfers are actually processed immediately and do not take days like a bank transfer.

Another advantage is that you can easily withdraw casino winnings to your bank account in theoretically unlimited amounts.

What are the disadvantages of an instant wire transfer?

Of course, there are also banks that do not accept this method or a certain service. Often it depends on the service and the country where the bank is located. This means that there are dozens of Instant Wire providers worldwide and it all depends on your country where your bank is located. This decides if you can use such a service at all.

Another disadvantage of such a transfer is that the payment to an online casino is visible on your bank vouchers. Not everyone wants to present it this way.

Which Instant Wire providers are there and are recommended in Europe?

In the meantime there are a lot of providers – at least for the European market. Some of them are also strongly focused on the gaming market. This means that you won’t have any problems finding the right online casino. These providers are:
Trustly, Sofort, iDebit, Giropay.

Providers that are big and reliable but not always available at online casinos:
Klarna, Nordea (Scandinavia), iDeal (Netherlands).

How does the login work?

The login of an Instant Wire provider is identical to your bank login. There you often have a number for your account and a password. First you just have to choose the right bank which can be done quickly via the bank code or a search function. Once you have successfully logged in you only have to confirm the payment via TAN. Depending on what procedure you have registered here at your bank, via mobile phone, TAN app, etc., you will have to confirm the payment via TAN.